About Roosterfish Media



Roosterfish Media specializes in creating high-quality videos for residential and commercial real estate and construction. If you're engaged in the real estate or property management business, let's collaborate!

Every home has a story. Roosterfish Media helps you tell that story with clear and compelling video that’s designed to educate, engage, and enhance your company's position in the market. If it's engagement you seek, great video production makes it happen, and exceptional video that generates engagement within this industry is our primary focus.

Your finished video will blend logic and emotion, resulting in genuine connection. We'll capture the details to bring interest and passion to your subjects, and you'll gain powerful video for your social media, email signatures, marketing campaigns, and client satisfaction.

Roosterfish videos ensure you stand out from the crowd, beginning with the creation of a custom storyboard to match your signature branding and ending with a shareable platform that is informative, accurate, and entertaining to your current and future clients.

Curious about how we got the Roosterfish name? Be sure to ask us about it. We love telling great stories!


Why the Name “Roosterfish?”

It started when Tom Bramhall found a photo of the namesake fish while researching a place to take his son on their annual Christmas fishing trip. “It immediately captured my attention and stood out, and that’s what I want for the clients we shoot: for them to stand out in the crowd, and in their business.”

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